In the age of disposal tech we all are guilty of premature upgrades, especially to our phones. Majority of phones out there are Android based. Let’s do something about that today.

We are going to.

  1. Download torrents of operating systems on your Android phone fully automated with RSS feeds.
  2. Mount the downloaded .iso files and use it to boot into operating systems into computers that you wish.


For those of us who are digital nomads and move from one environment to another, creating a ‘bootable’ disk is a tedious and weighted task which breaks the momentum of productivity. One needs to have a bootable disk, most commonly a flash drive which they then wipe and reformat in a totally different way. By replacing the flash drive with a fully capable portable computer we are able to do a lot more than just load an operating system. Most android phones even provide full disk encryption, which allows us to secure our .iso images while they are at rest.


  1. Bootloader unlock Android phones. (On certain legacy handsets this may bot be necessary.)
  2. Have root access.
  3. Ability to install .apk files. (Need unknown sources enabled.)

+Lineage OS +TWRP installed +Official Lineage OS superuser .zip flashed.



If the requirements are satisfied then lets get craki’n.

Step 1)

Go to on your phone and download the apk. (This isn’t necessary but helps with security and updates)

/android_boot/Fdroid_install.webp Hit the install button.


Post installtion, wait for F-Droid to finish updating its repositories. This takes seconds. Once done, search for an application with the name ‘USB Mountr’ /android_boot/USB_mountr_screen.webp Install and open it.

/android_boot/Mountr.webp At this point you should copy the .iso images of the operating systems from your PC to your phone.

The application will ask for super user permission, make sure you permanently allow it.

Tap on the ‘Image file’ button. Navigate and select an .iso image of your desired operating system. /android_boot/mountr_file_explorer.webp Tap mount.

Try booting the image from your phone




Bonus: Get torrents working with RSS.

This will do a few things for us.

  1. Verify the integrity of our downloads automatically. (Not signature)
  2. Contribute and save bandwidth from the content distribution networks that the distros are using.
  3. We can use a RSS feature to get a list of the latest torrents directly into our client.

Step 1)

Download and install a torrent client for Android. Like LibreTorrent from

Step 2)

Get a RSS feed from your GNU-Linux distribution and paste it within the torrent client. You can get RSS feeds from

Step 3)

Add the RSS feed into the torrent client.


LinuxTracker RSS /android_boot/torrent_linuxtracker_rss.webp

Debian RSS /android_boot/Debian_RSS.webp