Shelter is a free and open source app that employs the “Work Profile” feature of modern Android phones to provide further control and isolation between apps.

Why should you use this?

Apps inside shelter get a separate virtual file system that is isolated from your primary, where all your apps live. This means any sketchy big brother app you install with Shelter will have its own isolated file system and contacts (As seen in the picture). This is useful where you want to run a critical apps that insist on having storage and contact permission to go beyond the start screen.

Developer’s Git:


  • Clone two of the same apps and use them at the same time. (Two messenger, Instagram, HULU accounts)
  • Apps inside Shelter have their own file storage, contacts list.
  • “Freeze” (disable) background-heavy, tracking-heavy or seldom-used apps when you don’t need them. This is especially true if you use apps from Chinese companies like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent.


Shelter is not a full sandbox implementation. It cannot protect you from:

  1. Security bugs of the Android system or Linux kernel
  2. Backdoors installed in your Android system (so please use an open-source ROM if you are concerned about this)
  3. Backdoors installed into the firmwares (no way to work around this)
  4. Any other bugs or limitations imposed by the Android system. (i.e. If Android chooses to expose some information into the work profile, there is nothing I could do about it)

Also, Shelter cannot create more than 1 work profile on one Android device, and cannot co-exist with any other apps that manages a Work Profile.

Download and install.


Shelter work profile setup /Shelter/shter_admin_access.webp /Shelter/shelter_admin_permission.webp




TIP: Add a work profile tile in your quick settings


The shelter apps will run only when the tile is on.