Sandbox overzealous Android apps with Shelter

Shelter? Shelter is a free and open source app that employs the “Work Profile” feature of modern Android phones to provide further control and isolation between apps. Why should you use this? Apps inside shelter get a separate virtual file system that is isolated from your primary, where all your apps live. This means any sketchy big brother app you install with Shelter will have its own isolated file system and contacts (As seen in the picture).
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Weekend hack: Turn an old Android phone into a secure boot drive.

In the age of disposal tech we all are guilty of premature upgrades, especially to our phones. Majority of phones out there are Android based. Let's do something about that today. We are going to. Download torrents of operating systems on your Android phone fully automated with RSS feeds. Mount the downloaded .iso files and use it to boot into operating systems into computers that you wish. Why? For those of us who are digital nomads and move from one environment to another, creating a ‘bootable’ disk is a tedious and weighted task which breaks the momentum of productivity.
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